The history of B.M Kávoviny factory was started in 1845, when the first sugar factory in Hungary was realized.

After several changes of owners and production programs, in 1920 the factory was purchased by Heinrich Franck and Sons company. They rebuilt it into a large-capacity chicory plat drying. It was introduced a chicory cultivation in Sered; it was built chicory and grain roaster. In this way the company built a mill device and started a production of coffee blends named  Melta and Cigória. This was the beginning of the modern history of the Kávoviny factory in Sereď.

The manufacture was nationalized in 1949 and the next 43 year there were five organizational change. They were linked to the expansion and changes to the production program.

In 1992, the state-owned company Kávoviny, following a tender it was purchased by the Slovak company B. M. Kávoviny.

This was followed by "ten" successful years. During the decade there was a massive development of the company's production program, strengthening of market positions and building a dominant share of the products bearing the B.M. Product quality and packaging graphics have won several awards. In 2001 the company was certified according to ISO 9002.

In 2003, the companions decided to sell all their rights - trademarks and know-how of the competing Dr. Oetker. In 2004 the company modernized and changed the graphic design of its logo. This was followed by ten difficult years when the company was engaged in the production of only two original product lines, namely coffee and puffed rice products.

In 2014, the company purchased the Good Chef trademark and it began to re-establish the production of durable food and baking ingredients.

B. M. Kávoviny is a Slovak company, which has focused on the production of traditional and quality healthy lifestyle products based on cereals, chicory and rice and durable foods since since its inception

The assortment of products marked by the B.M. KÁVOVINY includes traditional coffee and expanded products


The assortment of products marked by GOOD CHEF includestraditional

baking ingredients, puddings, creams, whipped creams, cooking mixtures, starches and soft drinks